Title: Key
Author: Shadilyn

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama

Rating: PG13

Updates: Sporadically ;__;
Status: Ongoing

Antisocial ex-knight, Jerlorn, just wants to get the hell back to Feynia, where his princess awaits. To his dismay, going home won't be easy. Maybe all he needs is a magical Lock and... f-friends?! (...more)

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March 19th 2014

Chapter 4 begins! But only the cover! :<

In February I had a pretty demanding RL job. SIGH. And now, I am in need of a job (Commissions anyone?). TBH my RL is kind of a rollercoaster mess with family and financial issues (no romance at least *foreveralone* LOL) :| WHY U DO DIS TO ME LIFE. WHY. On the bright side, my mom's health seems to be improving.

So, again and again, sorry. I feel bad my update schedule is always so truncated... Some of the old pages might make it back into this chapter. Chapter 4 and 5 are rewritten, so... officially starting Chapter 6 is when we put all the old pages back online through to Chapter 8.

Even though my finances are a bit screwed, I think I might start advertising the comic site a little, just to maybe bring some life back into this. Maybe it'll motivate/force me to be more regular with updates. >_<

Vote to see revamped children's cartoon characters for a story of mine. I tried to make it less anime and more flash cartoony. Hope it worked.

Anyways thank you guys, as always, for being here. *HUG*-DESU.

- Shadilyn

Latest Update: Chapter 4 Page 1

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