Title: Key
Author: Shadilyn

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama

Rating: PG13

Updates: Sporadically ;__;
Status: Ongoing

Antisocial ex-knight, Jerlorn, just wants to get the hell back to Feynia, where his princess awaits. To his dismay, going home won't be easy. Maybe all he needs is a magical Lock and... f-friends?! (...more)

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Hard Decisions.

Hey Guys,

I feel like I should post this instead of just leaving the site here indefinitely and collect dust. Some of you might hate me. *Deep breathe* Here goes. It's a bit long, sorry.

I've decided to try some other things with my life. Partially for financial reasons, but also partially because my passion isn't really here anymore. :(

Tbh, the best time I've had with the comic was when I was 16. I couldn't write worth a damn, just played around with my OCs, with the time to update 3-4x a week.

There was a conversation going on between me and you. We were figuring out stuff as we went, together, recklessly. Having a great time doing it. For that, I want to thank you.

For a writer, to have your work read (and even liked) is a such a beautiful priveledge. Thank you for giving me that, and I'm sorry I can't-- at least for now, finish this story.

I plan to come back to comics one day. I think in the future, when I'm financially stable, I'll lock myself up in my room with my tablet, lots of coffee and just churn out pages. Then, we can really dive into the interesting parts of the story. Like who the hell that guy in Jerlorn's head is, what Feynius wants and whether Ki ends up with Jerlorn, Chris, Cherry, Varian or dies an old cat lady. :P

No, but really, I'm sorry this has been such a bumpy ride. Some of you have been reading for over 7 years, I know. ;__;

Thank you so much for the awesome times.


- Flora AKA Shadilyn
June 22, 2014

PS. If anyone's curious what I will be up to, I've recently finished a fairytale screeplay. It still needs a rewrite or two. I will also be doing on-camera stuff, possibly making some short films as well. It's something I've always wanted to do, but never really had the guts to until now. It seems I'm tied to making stories of some kind or the other. If anything ever becomes of this stuff, I'll let you guys know!

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